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Auto Finesse Glisten Spray Wax 500ml

Auto Finesse Glisten is an advanced spray wax. It’s a solvent-based solution that also acts like a finishing product but, it features durability of up to 4 weeks and a high-gloss finish to go with it.

Glisten can be used as a top-up to previously-applied protection layers and to return the vehicle to previously-applied hard wax finishes or it can be used as a show finisher. Glisten is perfect for those with little time or for treating hard to reach areas. A simple spray and wipe formula that is suitable for all paint finishes, including matte paint and wraps.


Ensure vehicle is clean and dry before application. Spray a light mist over approximately half a panel at a time, the spread with a fresh microfibre towel and buff off to a high-gloss shine.

Note: The product supplied is one 500ml bottle.