Boost Hose Upgrade Kit

mountune’s silicone hose range, exclusively manufactured by SamcoSport, caters for owners who demand simply the best silicone hose upgrade available to complement their existing range of mountune products.

The mk2 Focus RS mountune Boost Hose Upgrade Kit consists of six hoses; 4-ply Nomex, 4 and 3-ply poly lined and 3 and 4-ply fluoro hoses, all available in four different colour options and are fully compatible with both the OE and mountune intercooler.

The mountune boost hose upgrade features a critical boost hose that was identified by Ford engineers as a potential problem during the RS development program - mountune have worked with SamcoSport to develop an exclusive, custom, reinforced version of this hose as part of the kit, to prevent deformation under boost / vacuum conditions.

All of our silicone hose range also benefits from the SamcoSport lifetime warranty, for added peace of mind.


  • High-performance silicone hoses
  • Nomex lined hoses protect against high charge temperatures
  • Fluoro lined hoses provide optimum protection against oil vapour
  • Exclusive wire-reinforced boost hose prevents deformation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hoses available in four colour options: mountune black and yellow, blue, green or yellow
  • Advised to fit with optional Hose Clip Kit (Boost)

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