Downpipe Locking Fastener Set

Loose or missing downpipe studs aren't an uncommon problem for mk2 Focus ST or mk2 Focus RS owners, but that doesn't mean you have to run the risk of this happening to you!

mountune are able to supply a specialist Downpipe Locking Fastener Set that, due to a unique patented design, makes the loosening of the downpipe bolts impossible.

The unique washer locks in place against the downpipe and is then itself locked in place with a circlip. Once fitted it is impossible for the bolt to turn anti-clockwise and loosen, but is reversible should the downpipe ever need to be removed.


  • Suitable to fit with mk2 Focus ST and mk2 Focus RS downpipes offered by mountune
  • Supplied as a package, including 3 bolts, 3 washers, 3 circlips

Recommended for use with 3" Large Bore Downpipe, 3" Downpipe & Sports Catalyst Package, and 3" Downpipe & Sports Catalyst Package.

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