X4 Quad-Entry Induction Kit

As used in the mountune MR420 upgrade; the X4 induction kit gives an additional two points of entry, improves the pressure drop across the intake and enhances induction noise.

The lower air intake is installed as a direct-replacement panel which can be unclipped and removed on the OE bumper/grill. The mountune panel features a vac-formed duct with a sunken m logo and is supplied with 5 in-fill decals to allow for individual personalisation (yellow, blue, green, white and red).

The kit also features a porous air hose (to prevent water ingress) that feeds cold air to the lower half of the airbox and connects via a modified vac-formed top-hat fitted in the base of a new OE airbox.

A high-flow wire-reinforced silicone hose is also utilised as part of the kit and is available in four colour options; black, green, blue or yellow.

The X4 induction kit is fully compatible with the OE airbox and has been designed to work effectively with the mountune Focus RS airbox.

Kit contents:

  • mountune air intake replacement front panel
  • Above supplied with optional in-fill 'm' stickers
  • Porous lower air feed hose
  • Dual-entry, high-flow air filter (Supplied with either a mountune or K&N equivalent - please specify in the notes section if you have a preference)
  • High-flow wire-reinforced silicone induction hose
  • Lower airbox base with additional air-feed via vac-formed top-hat
  • All required panel and hose clips 
  • Fully compatible with OE and mountune / RS500 airboxes

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