Fuel Delivery Module

This part does not affect the base vehicle warranty.

When raising the power and torque output of the mk2 Focus RS 5-cylinder Duratec engine, in order to provide sufficient fuelling for both performance and to ensure reliability through engine protection (cooling with fuel), the standard fuel system should be upgraded.

The mountune FDM is a direct replacement, drop-in fuel delivery module, which utilises an uprated fuel pump and, crucially, also increases the standard fuel pressure via an uprated regulator by an additional 1-bar.

This allows safe fuelling for engines producing circa 400bhp without the need to change fuel injectors. It also assists when larger fuel injectors are used to go beyond the 400bhp power output.

As used on the limited edition Focus RS500 as standard, and the endorsed mountune MP350 upgrade.

As part of the MP350 package, this FDM is perfectly matched to the mountune MP350/RS500 mTune handset, in combination with other mountune hardware.

Please note: You will require a suitable revised engine calibration to run this product without introducing running faults or a MIL light.

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