Quaife QKE45Z M66 Sequential Gearbox

After months of integration and validation work, the Quaife QKE45Z M66 sequential gearbox is now available to order, exclusively from mountune.

Gearboxes are built at mountune's HQ in Essex to your specification, with two final drive options for straight-cut gear sets and one helical engagement option, as below:

The M66 can be installed in the Mk2 Focus ST, Mk2 Focus RS and selected Volvo's. As a result there are a number of options available depending on which platform you're installing the sequential unit into, but regardless of the application:

  • A breather system is essential for reliable operation; Quaife offer a generic setup, mountune have also developed a bespoke solution for the Mk2 Focus platform that mounts to the bulkhead and includes a breather tank / filter and race lines / fittings.
  • For flat-shifting the Geartronic ignition-cut module is required when retaining the OE PCM.
  • Load-cell only required for flat-shifting with aftermarket management.

Please make your selection using the drop-down menu option below. The optional extras will be available to purchase separately.

Please note: Gearboxes require a donor M66 bell-housing and in the case of the Focus RS, the ATB differential.

Need installation? Due to the range of options available, please contact our workshop for a quotation, or to discuss your individual requirements. 

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