Axle-Back Exhaust - RS

This part does not affect the base vehicle warranty.

Constructed from ultra thin-wall stainless steel, the mountune CAD designed and optimised Focus RS axle-back exhaust design has yielded a typical weight-saving of 28% over standard, a real-world reduction of over 3kg!

In addition to the substantial weight-saving, the back-pressure has also been significantly reduced thanks to the highly-efficient resonator internals, improving engine performance.

When installed on a standard vehicle the mountune axle-back transforms your RS’ soundtrack. This experience is then further enhanced with the optional functionality that the mTune handset offers via an exhaust optimised mountune calibration.


• Lightweight, thin-wall stainless steel - 28% lighter
• Reduced-back pressure high-flow internals
• User-defined audible optimisation available via mTune
• Includes new valve and motor assembly
• CAD designed and optimised

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