Heavy Duty Uprated Driveshafts - RS

£795.00 Inc. VAT
£662.50 Ex. VAT

A must for anyone making over 550 lb/ft of torque, or using the car in a motorsport environment, this Heavy Duty Uprated Driveshaft front axle set will withstand abuse and hard launches beyond the range of the factory components.

Made exclusively by Industry leaders The Drive Shaft Shop, each axle is made from 300M Steel in a larger-than-stock shaft size with a heavy duty outer CV joint.

Inner "Tripods" are reused from your original shafts and assembly is required.


  • Motorsport grade design
  • Heavy duty outer CV joints
  • Includes inner and outer boots, clamps and grease
  • 300M steel axles
  • 18% larger diameter than stock

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