Breather Plate

Engines create oil vapour from the crankcase and cylinder head that is usually recycled back through the air intake system. This vapour can create a buildup of carbon deposits on the intake valve that can reduce engine performance.

Additionally, the oil vapour can accumulate on the intake hoses, turbocharger, intercooler, and intake tract over a period of time slowing airflow thereby reducing performance. For optimised engine performance, the oil should be removed from the vapour before it reaches the engine’s intake system.

The mountune Breather Plate directly replaces the original engine block plate and features a 100% increase in baffle surface area over the original part. The increase in baffle surface area allows more crankcase vent vapour to be trapped and remain in the crankcase where it belongs. Additionally, the route the oil vapour takes on its way to the intake manifold is significantly increased through the baffles resulting in an increase of deflection areas. At each deflection point, additional oil is removed from the vapour.

Installation is easy and while not required, the mountune Breather Plate can be used with many catch can systems on the market. This part is a must for high boost, high performance applications.

• Essential on modified engines
• Direct replacement
• Easy installation
• Machined from solid aluminum with precision steel baffles

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