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Large Capacity Alloy Intercooler Upgrade [Mk7 Fiesta ST]

The mountune V2 large capacity high performance alloy intercooler upgrade includes everything you need to release and maintain the ultimate performance from your Mk7 Fiesta ST - and is a highly recommended addition for owners running hybrid, or larger-frame turbochargers.

To fully maximise all available package space, a custom 19-row 50mm curved tube and fin core has been utilised, which ensures maximum performance and delivers a substantial reduction in air charge temperature.

In addition, the core has been constructed utilising lightweight high-efficiency materials, which benefits from an exceptionally thin-wall tube design complete with an internal turbulator, to help generate the optimum in heat transfer properties and cooling performance.

This combination ensures that the mountune large-capacity intercooler not only provides excellent charge air cooling, but also provides exceptional performance with very little pressure drop - maintaining great throttle response and preventing lag, typically associated with similar full-height intercoolers.

  • 50mm curved lightweight tube and fin construction
  • No drilling or cutting required
  • Black powder coated finish 
  • Weights just 4kg
  • Works in harmony with all mountune power upgrades and is the recommended choice for vehicles running hybrid / larger turbochargers, such as the mountune m285.