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The mountune high-performance alloy intercooler for the Mk8 Fiesta ST provides the ultimate cooling upgrade for those wanting a fully optimised and data-backed solution, for the management of air charge temperature on their standard, or modified 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine.

Extensive temperature and pressure testing was carried out within an environmental test laboratory to ensure our revised design and core configuration was providing optimum cooling performance, yielding a minimal pressure drop across the core and ensuring no adverse affect to the upper cooling pack's ability to maintain engine coolant temperature (something a full-height intercooler can negatively affect).

Using a custom-built high-performance 8-row extruded tube and fin core to both maximise the available package space and to ensure the perfect balance of performance - reducing air charge temperature and also to ensure efficiency in terms of pressure drop across the core, the mountune alloy intercooler upgrade excels in both, as validated in temperatures ranging from 0ºC - 40ºC.

The OE intercooler end tank design is not very efficient, so as well as ensuring the perfect core type and size was utilised, high-flow end tanks were designed that also improve airflow and further assist with ensuring the best possible pressure drop across the intercooler, compared to OE.

No cutting or modification is required to the OE cooling pack during installation and the intercooler, which is finished in a durable black powder coat, is also supplied with a 'mountune' stencil for you to easily add a logo, should you desire.

More detailed test data can be found below, but here's the key performance highlights:

  • 44% larger core volume
  • Almost twice as efficient as the OE cooler*
  • Highly capable in hot climates (outlet temps only 14.8ºC above ambient even at 40ºC)
  • High-efficiency core and end tanks improve the nominal pressure drop seen across the intercooler compared to OE
  • Upper and lower air scoops ensure an enhanced level of airflow through the core

*at ambient temperatures ranging from 0ºC - 30ºC.


  • Superior tube and fin construction
  • No drilling or cutting required
  • Black powder coated finish 
  • 44% bigger core volume over OE
  • Works in harmony with m235 Upgrade Package

The mountune intercooler also forms the foundation for an expanded range of airflow and oil cooling enhancements that have been engineered to work together in perfect harmony, due for release in Q3 this year.

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    Dave B.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Cool running

    Beautifully made. You certainly notice the difference between it and the OEM part. As the Mountune intercooler is substantially larger and designed to enhance the map upgrades, there should be an improvement in performance. And I certainly noticed a better and more eager response from the engine on the drive back from the garage. It’s certainly a must have upgrade for more performance.

    mountune Alloy Intercooler Upgrade Review
    paul h.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Another quality Mountune item! (alloy intercooler upgrade)

    Yet another great modification that can be fitted by a novice/home mechanic with a small set of tools. Surprisingly easy to fit once the Bumper has been removed (which is also straightforward but does requires a bit of patience and care). The Mountune intercooler is much more engineered (all metal construction) than the standard OEM intercooler. Can't wait for the next set of Mountune upgrades for the MK8 Fiesta ST!!!

    mountune Alloy Intercooler Upgrade Reviewmountune Alloy Intercooler Upgrade Review
    Mark M.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Intercooler upgrade

    Fitment was A1 as you’d expect and even in the heatwave we are seeing in 41deg temperatures not seeing any loss of power doing exactly as advertised! Thanks again