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mTune SMARTflash m235 Upgrade


The new flagship mountune m235 power upgrade for the Mk8 Fiesta ST releases the ultimate potential from the ST's 1.5-litre 3-cylinder  EcoBoost engine, substantially yet safely raising power and torque output; improving performance and drivability, whilst adding a host of functionality, unique to mountune.

As with all mountune upgrades, it's had to pass our own stringent durability testing criteria, which included additional months of in-cylinder pressure monitoring to ensure engine robustness, whilst retaining all safety parameters, so you can have complete peace of mind that you're not just buying the best upgrade for your Fiesta ST, but also the most robust aftermarket calibration, too.

Peak power is increased to 235PS, whilst torque is uplifted to 350Nm but, as can be seen from the power graphs, it's the substantial increase throughout the rev-range and the way the torque is delivered that transforms the driving experience.

Working together with industry leading software and hardware teams has enabled the very latest technology available to be incorporated, taking mTune - and making it a whole lot smarter!

The mTune SMARTflash app allows you to easily DIY install and update calibrations to your ECU using nothing more than our app, the supplied Bluetooth OBD interface and your Smartphone; no laptop, no wires, no handsets, no problem!

m235 SMARTflash includes three calibrations, with unique functionality:

  • m235 performance
Increased power and torque (235ps / 350nm)
More aggressive launch control strategy
Enhanced audible exhaust output in Sport / Track modes
Optimised no-lift shift functionality
  • Stock performance
  • Anti-theft

In addition, the SMARTflash app, which is available for Apple and Android users, also allows for easy future calibration updates and includes a handy VIN and calibration ID reader as standard.

The m235 calibration has been fully optimised around the mountune induction kit, which itself delivers a 
1.5kPa pressure drop, allowing the engine and turbocharger to work more efficiently in achieving the increase in power and torque.

Induction noise is also boosted and, with an engineered approach that retains the OE appearance, the airbox provides a subtle improvement to engine bay aesthetics, whilst also capable of flowing enough air to support further, future increases in power output.

m235 is available in two versions that support all known regional variations and as it can be installed and removed anywhere in the world, at any time yourself, you could say the power's in your hands, quite literally!

  • mTune SMARTflash m235 upgrade
    (supplied with induction kit)
  • mTune SMARTflash m235 lite
    for owners that have already upgraded their induction kit)

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    Belgium Belgium
    A great enhancement for my Fiesta ST

    This is an excellent product. Every step of the installation was easy and flawless. The tune does noticeably improve performance and exhaust sound, also maintaining perfect drivability in traffic. A very balanced package.

    timothy c.
    Poland Poland

    I received the package quickly after ordering, despite living outside the UK. However, there were no instructions on mounting the airbox included. I eventually found these online (together with a YouTube video done by a guy called Gavin, who had evidently also not received the instructions). With these in hand, I managed to install everything in the claimed half an hour (this from a COMPLETE novice), however the final step, clipping the air tube to another tube under the engine can only be done with a ramp or a pit - neither of which I have. So the tube is dangling there somewhere until I can get to one. The extra power of the engine is quite noticeable in the mid-range - giving you that 'scary' feeling of power you get when you first drive the car. The 30-60 time is indeed much quicker. But the first sign the map has actually loaded is the more agressive and higher-pitched launch control setting. Not sure if it really works in terms of speed but it sounds great as do the longer over-runs of the exhaust. Having nothing to compare it to (e.g. the REVO map) I can't say if it is good value for money or not but I'me very happy with it. I imagine you can get even more power our of this incredible little engine but safely? There I have to reply on the reputation of Mountune with Fords over decades. Not sure what this does to guarantees and insurance - anyone have any idea? Anyhow - very nice job Mountune and very happy with the purchase.

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Purchased the m235 a few weeks back and installed in a matter of half a hour . The power delivery and smoothness is superb making my performance edition st all ready a brilliant car now sensational . Well done Mountune .