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Mk2 Focus ST Alloy Intercooler Upgrade

£370.83 You Save 19% (£70.83)

The mountune Alloy Intercooler upgrade includes everything you need to optimise the performance of your mk2 Focus ST and is the foundation for further power upgrades.

Using an 11-row extruded lightweight tube and fin alloy core, the mountune alloy intercooler upgrade gives a substantial reduction in air charge temperature (ACT) with minimal pressure drop, ensuring optimum charge air temperature and therefore power.

The mountune alloy intercooler upgrade is essential for sustained high speed or track use, and is not as prone to heat soak as intercoolers with a smaller core. The performance of the mountune alloy intercooler upgrade has been validated through extreme air temperature and vehicle speed testing - and formed part of the critically acclaimed mountune MP260 power kit which was available as a warranty approved upgrade from Ford dealers.

Compared to the original intercooler, the mountune Focus ST alloy intercooler upgrade reduces outlet air temperature by over 35% for the same given intercooler inlet air temperature.


  • Superior tube and fin construction
  • No drilling or modification required for installation
  • Powder-coat finish in satin black
  • High quality brackets and hardware included