Mustang RTR Tactical Performance Lowering Springs (2015-19)

RTR springs not only lower your 2015-2019 Mustang, but they also feature proprietary street tested and track proven progressive spring rates for performance handling. These Springs were engineered to work with both base and performance pack dampers. However, in order to experience the maximum performance these springs can offer, they should be installed along with RTR’s matching Tactical Performance adjustable dampers and anti-roll bars.

Not only does a set of RTR Tactical Performance lowering springs improve the handling performance of your Mustang, they also improve its overall appearance.

By lowering the ride height 28mm up front and 20mm at the rear, these RTR performance springs will eliminate that huge tire to fender gap found as standard and offers a sleek, muscle car stance without the rear sag that other kits have when they lower the front and rear the same amount.


• Improves handling performance
• Muscular stance
• Lowers centre of gravity
• Progressive spring rate
• Grey powder coated finish
• Drop: Front - 28mm Rear - 20mm