Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner

Use Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner to finish every car wash or full detail with perfectly-clear glass.

Windscreens, mirrors, and side windows should be perfectly clear. There is nothing more annoying than fingerprints, smudges, or spots on glass and windows. Not only is it distracting while you drive, everybody has to point it out and tell you that you missed a spot!

The professional grade Signature Series Glass Cleaner contains no noxious chemicals, no ammonia, and will not leave streaks, spots, or stains on glass or sensitive optical plastics.

The versatile formula is safe for use on window tint, navigation screens, and plastic instrument gauge clusters. Signature Series Glass Cleaner cuts through tough grime, grease, dirt, and filth to restore perfect clarity to glass, mirrors, clear plastics, and optical grade plastics inside, and outside any automobile.

Mist a few sprays of Signature Series Glass Cleaner on the window or on your microfiber towel, and simply wipe away any filth that obscures your vision.
Use a second towel to buff away any remaining streaks and spots from the glass to restore pure optical clarity.

Drive with confidence and gaze through your windows with the signature look of perfect clarity with Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner.

Why Buy This Product?

  • Professional strength glass cleaner for detailers and enthusiasts
  • Safe for window tint, glass, mirror glass, and clear plastics
  • Unique streak-free formula leaves no streaks, spots, or stains
  • Cleans interior and exterior windows, mirrors, computers, cell phones, and television screens
  • Non-toxic, ammonia-free, and safe for use inside the car, home, office, and beyond
  • For best results, use with a Glass and Window Waffle Weave Towel

How To Use

  • Do not clean windows until the very end of your detailing job.
  • Mist Signature Series Glass Cleaner either directly over the window, or onto your microfiber towel to control overspray.
  • Wipe the window in straight lines to remove dirt, grime, and debris.
  • Flip to a dry side or switch to a secondary clean towel, and buff off any remaining streaks.
  • Clean the inside and outside of the glass to restore full optical clarity to the window.

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