Closed-Deck Block Mod

The 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine found in the Focus RS runs an open deck style of block. With the ‘deck’ referring to the mating surface between the top of the block and the head.

This open design is a potential weak point and much more likely to fail with higher power / torque outputs.

To address this, and to enable reliable, high power Focus RS engine builds, mountune have engineered a closed deck block modification to turn the open deck design, into a closed deck.

The price includes the machining work to a donor block, deck plate and skimming of the deck / honing of the cylinder bores accordingly. It does not include the block itself.

Recommended in conjunction with the uprated mountune high-performance conrods and forged pistons, (shown for illustration).

Please note: New blocks are currently unavailable from Ford. Please contact us for pricing to remove your engine from the vehicle and carry out this modification.

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