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Replacement High-Performance Brake Pad Set (to suit Alcon 4-pot caliper)

The mountune high-performance replacement brake pad has been developed for owners of the previous generation mountune / Alcon 4-pot caliper front brake upgrade, that require the ultimate in braking performance.

The aramid fibre-based pad compound used provides excellent initial bite from cold, which improves further with subsequent use as the heat builds up, offering enhanced performance and resistance to brake fade upto 700ºC.

The compound used also produces minimal dust and maintains an OE-like level of noise, so is perfectly suited to daily use without any compromise.


  • Improved braking performance 
  • Resistance to brake fade up to 700ºC
  • Low dust / noise output
  • Suitable for fast road / track day use
  • Direct replacement Alcon 4-pot brake pad
  • ECE R90 approved
  • Perfectly matched to mountune replacement lightweight disc / bell assembly