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Big Brake Upgrade Kit 6-pot 302mm [Mk8 Fiesta ST]

The mountune 6-pot 302mm brake upgrade for Mk8 Fiesta ST kit offers a substantial increase in braking performance whilst improving aesthetics and is the perfect braking solution for fast-road users, plus it can also be installed under the OE wheel without the need for spacers.

The 6-piston calipers provide enhanced and more even pressure across the pad surface area and due to their inherent strength being forged, they also offer both increased rigidity and also a significant weight-saving over the OE setup. 

Available in an ST red powder coated finish for durability, the calipers are supplied as standard with Sport pads which are optimal for fast road use.

Each fully-floating disc is produced from a combination of high-quality steel (FC-25) mixed with carbon (known as high cast carbon). The results of combining both material types means that the brake discs are far more friction coefficient when compared to normal steel.

What does that mean? Basically, our brake rotors are able to withstand higher levels of stress and temperature without excessive material expansion or distortion, so they'll work better, without warping, for longer.

Kit Contents:

• 6-pot forged / billet calipers
• 302x22mm fully-floating disc / bell assemblies
• Sport brake pads
• Goodridge Braided brake lines