mTune MR310 Power Upgrade Kit (Post-facelift)

The MR310 upgrade builds upon the previous market-leading mountune Focus ST MP260 and MR290 power upgrades, additionally adding a revised intake setup and supporting calibration.

The intake adds all of the required induction components from the OE Focus RS setup, including the high-flow crossover, and in addition utilises the high-flow mountune dual-entry air filter, RS500 airbox and snorkel.

The upgrade kit is also supplied with silicone induction hoses and custom wiring harnesses allowing for a quicker, easier installation with no cutting required.

Crucially, the induction changes are optimised by our MR310 calibration which is installed via the supplied mTune handset.

Power is increased, as the kit name suggests, to 310PS, whilst torque increases to 470Nm.

In addition to the required hardware used in the MR290, the MR310 upgrade also adds:

• High-flow Focus RS crossover duct
• High-flow mountune Focus RS airbox (includes mountune Performance badge)
• High-flow dual-entry air filter
• High-flow silicone induction hoses (available in four colours)
• Focus RS GOR (slam panel cover), pipework, battery tray and hardware
• MAF sensor and adaptor harnesses
• mTune handset loaded with MR310 calibration.

mTune features

  • ECU performance calibration transfer
  • In-field calibration updates
  • 0-60 times
  • ¼ mile times
  • Monitor 5 OBD channels
  • Adjustable shift light
  • Full data logging
  • DTC reading / clearing
  • Soft touch rear case
  • LCD screen
  • Lanyard pin
  • Removable faceplates
  • Ambient light sensor

Each mTune is supplied complete with:

  • Holster with t-slot mounting
  • OBD and USB connection cables
  • Carbon fibre effect faceplate
  • mTune zip-up case

 Required hardware list (MR290):
• mountune alloy intercooler
• mountune I5 cast inlet plenum
• mountune induction kit (as shown)
• mountune downpipe / sportscat
• mountune cat-back exhaust 

Recommended hardware:
• mountune uprated recirc-valve

Please note: Installing the MR310 calibration without the correct hardware list above may result in failure to make the quoted power / torque figures, abnormal running, detrimental fuel consumption or engine warning light illumination. In any such instance no warranty is offered or implied by mountune.

Currently only available online for post-facelift models.

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