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Clubsport 6-pot 380mm Big Brake Upgrade [Mk3 Focus RS]

Forming a key component of the mountune CLUBSPORT range for the Mk3 Focus RS is our 6-piston monobloc caliper and 380mm floating disc-bell assembly, produced by world-leading brake manufacturer, Alcon.

This brake upgrade has been designed specifically for the Mk3 Focus RS based on owners' likely usage, performance requirements, aesthetics, and with optimal pedal modulation in mind.

The end result is one of the only truly vehicle-specific braking solutions available to offer all of the above whilst delivering the performance, quality and reliability you would expect from a mountune / Alcon product.

This kit is supplied with mountune fast road pads as standard and includes all mounting brackets, hardware, front and rear braided brake lines and brake fluid required for you to install this upgrade, straight out of the box.


Everything you need to easily install the mountune Clubsport Big Brake Upgrade.

• 2x Monobloc 6-piston calipers
• 2x 380x32mm disc/bell assemblies
• 2x caliper brackets and mounting hardware
• Front and rear braided brake lines
• mountune fast-road brake pads (readily available pad profile)
• Liquimoly high-performance brake fluid
• Clubsport badge

Note:The mountune Clubsport brake upgrade fits behind mountune Clubsport wheels without spacers. Vehicles running OE wheels will require a minimum 8mm wheel spacer for clearance.


During testing, multiple 100-0mph braking applications were applied in a controlled environment and even against our uprated OE discs, pads and braided lines, the mountune / Alcon brake upgrade delivered, on average, a 63ft reduction in stopping distance, achieved almost a second quicker.