M380 (mTune only) - RS

The mTune is a powerful handset that not only boasts the features listed below, it also facilitates easy mountune calibration updates, migration to higher power levels and new functionality.

This option is for customers who already have the hardware required for the mountune M380 upgrade kit installed on their Focus RS and that require the supporting calibration and / or that want to benefit from the additional functionality of the mTune handset.

Required Hardware 

mTune Features

  • ECU performance calibration transfer
Supplied complete with six user-interchangeable calibrations:
  1. M380 - mountune M380 calibration
  2. M380 + EXH - mountune M380 calibration with optimised exhaust tuning for the mountune axle-back exhaust
  3. M380 + EXH TRACK - Same as above but aimed at track day users with pops and bangs removed to avoid excessive noise.
  4. M380 + TRACK - mountune M380 calibration with no pops for use with a standard exhaust on track to avoid excessive noise.
  5. Anti-theft mode - an additional layer of security that once enabled prevents the engine from starting.
  6. Standard base calibration (SHOULD NOT BE INSTALLED THEN UPDATED AT A FORD DEALER - this will unpair the mTune form your vehicle, rendering it unuseable)
  • UPDATED: DYNO MODE - Enable / Disable RDU with the push of a button for easy dyno operation and when only 2WD dyno is available.
  • In-field calibration updates
  • 0-60 times
  • ¼ mile times
  • Monitor 6 OBD channels
  • Adjustable shift light
  • Full data logging
  • DTC reading / clearing
  • Soft touch rear case
  • LCD screen
  • Ambient light sensor 

    Please note:
    M380 calibration should NOT be installed on vehicles not equipped with the correct mountune hardware. Power output, drivability and reliability may be affected and mountune are unable to support vehicles running alternative hardware. In any such instance no warranty is offered or implied by mountune.

    The warranty of the vehicle being updated with this upgrade may be affected. The M380 upgrade kit is not Ford-endorsed.

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