m400X (mTune only) - RS


The mountune m400X optimises all available headroom on the Mk3 Focus RS, to provide the most exhilarating performance available whilst retaining the OE turbocharger.

Due to the increased cylinder pressures, this calibration should not be used on vehicles that have not been upgraded with forged pistons, steel conrods and that are using a colder spark plug. 97RON+ fuel should also be used to maintain performance.

Additional functionality:

  • Adjustable RPM limit
  • Full-time launch control (no need to activate via the menu system)
  • Adjustable launch RPM setpoint
  • Full-throttle (no throttle lift) gear change
  • Valet and anti-theft modes
  • Dyno mode (RDU On / Off)
  • Full access to all OBD channels to use with custom gauges / data-logging

This option is for customers who already have the hardware required for m400X installed and require an mTune handset with calibration(s), or that want to upgrade their existing m375, m380 or m400 mTune to m400X firmware - please select from the drop down below.

mTune Features:

  • Supplied complete with five user-interchangeable calibrations:
  1. Map slot 1 = m400X calibration
  2. Map slot 2 = m400R calibration
  3. Map slot 3 = OEM power calibration
  4. Map slot 4 = Fuel economy calibration
  5. Map slot 5 = Valet mode
  • In-field calibration updates
  • 0-60 times
  • ¼ mile times
  • Monitor all available OBD channels
  • Adjustable shift light
  • Full data-logging
  • DTC reading / clearing
  • Soft touch rear case
  • LCD screen
  • Ambient light sensor

Required m400X Hardware 

  • mTune handset
  • High-flow induction kit
  • Sound Suppression Chamber (SSC)
  • Uprated turbo re-circ valve
  • High-flow hard pipe
  • High-performance alloy intercooler
  • 3" downpipe with 200-cell sports catalyst
  • 3" V3 cat-back exhaust
  • Forged pistons
  • Steel conrods
  • Uprated (1 step colder) spark plugs

    Please Note: The warranty of the vehicle being updated with this upgrade may be affected. The m400X upgrade kit is not Ford-endorsed. 

    To maintain any warranty provision otherwise entitled to you, and to ensure correct operation and reliability, calibrations loaded via an mTune handset must be installed together with the correct mountune® hardware.

    NOT COMPATIBLE with vehicles in North America. Please visit our US website for compatible Focus RS products - www.mountuneusa.com 

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    Davey F

    Early days

    Had the M400X flashed today in conjunction with 500 mile oil change post forged internals fitted last January. Steady driving for next few weeks before I can unleash the beast.

    Chris E.
    United Kingdom


    Well worth the 2 month wait!! Upgrading from the regular M400, the new M400X has transformed the RS into a very quick car with brutal performance. There’s lots more turbo ‘flutter’ through the intake, more random pops and louder bangs. Full time launch control is a great addition and the unlocked Accessport now allows many parameters to be monitored by the driver. Overall very happy with this upgrade.

    Mark W.
    United Kingdom

    M400X - Not for the faint hearted

    Let’s get it out the way - Mountune were slow getting this software out to customers - almost 2month wait after payment but apparantly this was out of their hands... Moving on - IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT! Wow - Power from literally no revs at all that just builds builds and builds some more! The torque just doesn’t die! The gears are running out faster than you can think and I’ve not even using FFS!! Maps are switchable via Cruise Buttons which is a nice surprise too! Well done Mountune.

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