mTune MR265 Power Upgrade Kit


The mountune Racing MR230 > MR265 upgrade offers existing MR230 Fiesta ST owners the chance to upgrade to a genuine 265PS and 370Nm experience.

MR265 maintains and combines impressive turbo response and silky-smooth drivability, with a relentless wall of torque that's mated in harmony with a top end that just wants to just keep revving! 

At the heart of the MR265 upgrade is the hybrid turbocharger - the standard unit was at its maximum safe operating limit around 230PS so the turbo has been substantially re-worked to provide the reliable uplift in performance required for MR265. Incorporated in the costs of all of the upgrade versions is also a new oil feed, required gaskets, studs and nuts, meaning the only thing the end-user requires is an oil and filter change - this must be performed after the new turbo has been installed and before the engine is run.

This kit is for customers that already have the MR230 hardware installed and require the following hardware to upgrade to MR265:

• mountune Hybrid turbocharger upgrade
• High-flow intake and turbo entry hard pipes
• Large-capacity intercooler (original mountune intercooler option also available)
• mTune MR265 calibration.
NEW Anti-theft mode
• New turbo oil feed / drain, gaskets and hardware.

Once upgraded, power increases to 265PS whilst torque is raised to 370Nm.

Please note: Installing the MR265 calibration without the correct hardware list above may result in failure to make the quoted power / torque figures, abnormal running, detrimental fuel consumption or engine warning light illumination or in extreme circumstances, damage and / or failure to the engine. In any such instance no warranty is offered or implied by mountune.

Please note: This upgrade is not compatible with vehicles in the USA. Please visit our dedicated website at

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