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Stage 1 Gearbox Rebuild [Mk3 Focus ST/RS]

Quaife ATB Required?

If your gearbox is in need of a refresh, you're after crisper gear changes, you're substantially increasing the power / torque output of your engine, or need the extra grip of an ATB differential, our Stage 1 gearbox rebuild service is what you're looking for.

We'll take your gearbox apart, fit a shot-peened and super-finished gearset for extra strength and reliability, install uprated bearings, synchros and together with an optional Quaife ATB, rebuild it all with the same meticulous attention to detail as all of our performance and race engines.

Your gearbox casing is also Aquablasted, which is a process that restores its original surface finish, so it will quite literally look as good as new, as well as work better than new!

Prices shown either with or without an ATB supplied and fitted and includes all bolts, gaskets and seals required to return your gearbox in a state that's ready to install.

Once your order has been placed a member of the team will contact you to arrange a convenient time to drop off your gearbox. Alternatively, if you need help with gearbox removal or installation, we recommend speaking with the in-house workshop team at FJRS.

Please note: Once your gearbox is stripped, the internals will be assessed for signs of wear or damage. This could lead to additional costs, which will be discussed with you before proceeding with the rebuild.