Alloy Radiator Upgrade

The mountune high performance, aluminium, triple-pass radiator has been tested and validated over thousands of miles in high-powered EcoBoost applications, as well as proven on the track in the most demanding conditions.

The new mountune Fiesta ST radiator features CSF’s exclusive B-Tube technology as well as an ultra efficient multi-louvered fin configuration for maximum surface area contact and heat dissipation. Additionally, the Triple-pass flow structure allows the coolant to flow across the core 3 times before exiting the radiator for the lowest outlet temperatures possible.

Designed and engineered to be a hassle-free, drop-in install, all original mounting brackets have been CNC machined for the purpose of allowing the original fan assembly to bolt on without hassle, whilst allowing the new core to easily drop in place without any modifications required.

Once the OEM radiator’s performance is maxed out and coolant temperatures rise, the vehicles protection system activates “limp mode”, reducing engine performance and power. This situation is a typical occurrence during track days and sustained high speed use.

The mountune high performance triple-pass radiator upgrade maintains and stabilises outlet temperatures for constant and consistent performance throughout a wide range of demanding driving conditions. Significantly reducing the risk of power loss while protecting your engine when it’s needed most.


  • Improved cooling performance
  • 10% peak outlet temperature reduction 
  • Easy installation, bolt-on performance
  • Triple pass core with B-Tube technology
  • Hard-wearing black powder coated finish
  • Track tested
  • Engineered to improve performance on both stock and modified cars
  • Compatible with original cooling fan

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