Available in the trademark mountune black and yellow, a more subtle full black finish, ST red or RS blue, the mountune Gearknob has been carefully designed to further enhance the driving experience of your car in both aesthetics and ergonomics.

The aluminium base features a hard wearing anodised coating with precision laser etching and is designed as a direct replacement for the factory knob, fully incorporating the reverse gear shift interlock mechanism.

The Acetal resin top, a material chosen for its temperature stable nature, ensures that the usual hot/cold heat transfer associated with replacement gear knobs is not experienced with the mountune upgrade.


  • High quality anodised aluminium base
  • Laser etched mountune logos
  • Temperature stable Acetal resin top
  • Available in yellow/black, black/black, red/black or blue/black
  • Direct replacement for factory part

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United Kingdom United Kingdom


Nice gearknob. I had the blue one previous. Then changed to a carbon Ford performance. This looked out of place with the Mountune gear guitar. So a yellow one was needed. I think they look much better in gloss yellow. Mine is a newer style matt one. All in all does the job and looks good.

Anonymous verified customer review of Gearknob
United Kingdom

Needed a little tweak...

Let’s get down to the product! Incredible bit of kit. Feels nicely weighted in the hand, what’s more important is the weight is balanced. The shifts feel a lot smoother and just a better over all feel than the standard OEM gear knob! I would recommend this if you’re planning to change from the OEM. I also went with black and yellow. Looks really cool!...always got to stick with the original company colours... However......there was some minor complications when fitting the product. I don’t know if this is something related to my reverse leaver spring(maybe), however when I first fitted the gear knob and tested reverse, it sounded as if something was crunching. It almost felt like the spring was either compressing too much or the spring was slightly moving inside the gear knob. The crunch was made you cringe!!. It was mainly when lifting the leaver and moving to the left. In order to fix it, I padded out the inside of the gear knob where the spring sits. This seems to firm things up and stopped the crunching. The reverse lock out level felt like it wasn’t compressing as much which gave a smoother reverse engagement. Even with this little issue I still want to give the product 5 stars because it is a good bit of kit, however I have a feeling it could be something wrong with my spring. The slight modification works a treat, so if anyone does have a similar issue just put a small line of bubble wrap inside to cushion the spring.. Overall great product! Really happy with the feel and shifts. And black and yellow is the way forward!!!

DANIEL W. verified customer review of GearknobDANIEL W. verified customer review of Gearknob
United Kingdom

Gear knob

Very pleased with the product

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