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mountune have been long-standing engine partners to the talented team at BAC for more than five years, powering Mono and more recently co-developing the engine supplied as part of the incredible Mono R.

The Mono R’s 2.5-litre, four-cylinder unit has increased in power by 35bhp to deliver an astonishing 340bhp. mountune and BAC left no stone unturned when it came to meeting power targets: increasing the cylinder bore size and reducing new billet crankshaft stroke to optimise power and torque delivery and increase rpm from 7,800rpm to 8,800rpm.

The striking new Formula-inspired ram-air inlet system provides pressurised air into an all-new throttle body and cylinder head system to further increase power, plus a higher-spec, drive-by-wire motor allows for a quicker throttle response.

As a result, our bespoke engine now offers 136bhp per litre – a new naturally aspirated global record for a road-legal model. As the name suggests, there's nothing else quite like a Mono R and the mountune team are proud to supply the power unit for these vehicles, engineered to perfection in Great Britain.