Induction Kit

£299.00 Inc. VAT
£249.17 Ex. VAT

This part does not affect the base vehicle warranty.

The mountune Performance induction kit for mk7 Fiesta 1.0T (100/125/140PS) includes a uniquely constructed aluminum air box with a secondary cold air feed point and silicone induction hose.

The air box has been engineered with features that reduce the delta pressure drop by 1.5kPa when combined with the mountune high flow panel filter, and a further 0.5kPa improvement when mated with the mountune high flow silicone induction hose.

The mountune Performance induction kit provides the foundation for further performance upgrades, with an engineered approach that retains the OE appearance and reliability while providing an improvement in power, torque and releasing the addictive 3-cylinder induction note.

In addition, the mountune Performance induction kit has been through an extensive test and development process with Ford, which means it will not affect the base vehicle warranty - the only induction kit available on the market to do so.


  • Powder-coated aluminum air box base
  • mountune high-flow air filter
  • Exclusive mountune / SamcoSport high-flow silicone induction hose
  • Porous secondary cold air feed
  • Stainless hose clamps
  • Supplied with all required hardware
  • Easy installation Retains original air box cover
  • Will not affect base vehicle warranty
  • Compatible with 100PS / 125PS / 135PS and 140PS (Red and Black) models

N.B. Warranty provision is only applicable when this kit is fitted as a complete assembly of mountune parts (either with mountune induction hose, or with OE induction hose).

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