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GPF-back Exhaust [Mk4 Focus ST]

Trim Finish

The mountune GPF-back exhaust for the Mk4 Focus ST adds a noteworthy boost to audible performance, reduces back-pressure and enhances vehicle aesthetics.

Constructed from 304 stainless steel, the 3" bore system improves vehicle performance - particularly once power output has been raised, thanks to the low back-pressure design, whilst the carefully engineered internal muffler ensures this system remains free from intrusive cabin boom, whilst delivering an addictive soundtrack.

Also available with either a polished or carbon fibre trim option to suit your individual preference:

To suit hatchback model. Wagon support to follow.


For the first time in our Ford range, we're offering either a polished stainless, or matt carbon fibre 4" tailpipe option, so as well as a boost in performance and sound, you can also tailor the aesthetic enhancement too.