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Roll Restrictor [Puma ST]

The mountune roll restrictor for the Puma ST reduces the amount of engine roll/movement during hard acceleration and gear-changes whilst maintaining an acceptable level of NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) for every day use.

The EcoBoost engine found in the Puma ST generates a considerable amount of NVH due to its 3-cylinder architecture and as such, the OE roll restrictor has had to be designed in a way to minimise this harshness. Unfortunately, this also means the engine movement is considerable and this translates as unwanted wheel hop /  tramping - which is unpleasant and detrimental to your car's overall performance.

Machined from T-6061 billet aluminium, the mountune roll restrictor features unique mixed shore-hardness polyurethane bushes to counteract unwanted NVH and minimise vibration as much as possible, whilst still providing the required restriction in engine movement to enhance performance.


  • High quality anodised billet aluminium body
  • Bespoke mixed shore-hardness polyurethane bushes
  • Reduction in engine movement 
  • Prevents wheel hop
  • Increased performance, with the minimal increase in NVH possible

Please Note: Compatible with Puma ST only (Fiesta ST uses a different mount)

Recommended torque settings: Subframe: 50Nm | Gearbox side: 45Nm.