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V2 Clubsport DSG Paddles [Mk7/7.5 Golf]

Paddle Material: Carbon Fibre

Crisper, more satisfying gear changes await you and your Golf with the mountune billet and carbon fibre v2 Clubsport DSG paddle upgrade; the best replacement paddle option available just got better!

Available in either a deep black anodised finish, or with a real carbon fibre 'blade', not only do the v2 mountune paddles look incredible, they also offer an enlarged surface area (even over our original paddles), making reaching for the next gear that much easier, regardless of your hand position on the wheel.

Whilst most replacement paddles are either covers, or offer a smooth rear side, removing the ergonomic ridging for your finger tips to rest against, the mountune v2 Clubsport DSG paddle is a complete easy-to-install billet / carbon fibre replacement that features an elongated ridge section on the rear that feels perfect against your fingertips.


  • Direct replacement for OE part
  • Carbon fibre or billet aluminium paddle construction with deep black anodised finish for durability
  • Ergonomically optimised rear grip section
  • Extended size allows greater visibility and easier operation

Please note: Installation guide shows V1 paddles, but installation method is identical.