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Duratec 2.5 Cylinder Head Gasket Multi-Layer Steel (MLS)

Developed by mountune Racing for competition use, our head gasket for the 2.5L Duratec engine features multi-layer steel construction with built-in features to ensure a complete seal at the cylinder head to block joint.

Proven in extreme motorsport applications, this head gasket is the ultimate solution for high power 2.5 Duratec applications.

The combined 2.5L piston (E077-01-103) and connecting rod (E077-01-106) using the mountune MLS cylinder head gasket (E077-03-103) and an un-machined cylinder head will give a compression ratio of approx. 12.5:1.


  • Bore: 90.65mm
  • Compressed thickness: 1.295mm
  • Multi-layer steel construction ensures seal under high cylinder pressure

Please note the standard chamber size varies so the compression ratio should be checked as part of the build process.