MR165 (mTune only)

This option is for customers who wish to upgrade to MR165 using an mTune and who fall into one of the following three categories:

1) MP135 customers who have all the required hardware installed for MR165 but require an mTune and MR165 calibration.

2) MT135 customers who have all the required MR165 hardware (including an mTune) but require an in-field firmware update to their existing handset.
In-field firmware updates are facilitated via a bespoke upgrade key. Once ordered we will send you steps to follow in order for you to provide us with your specific mTune serial number. A key will then be generated and sent to you which will enable you to update your mTune's firmware using the AP Manager software.

3) Customers running all the required MR165 hardware but using standard software, requiring an mTune with MR165 calibration.

Required hardware list:
• High-flow induction kit
• High-flow primary silicone induction hose
• High-flow secondary silicone induction hose
• High-flow charge pipe upgrade kit
• Larger capacity alloy intercooler

Please note:
MR165 calibration should NOT be installed on vehicles not equipped with the correct mountune hardware. Power output, drivability and reliability may be affected and mountune are unable to support vehicles running alternative hardware. In any such instance no warranty is offered or implied by mountune.

mTune features:

  • ECU performance calibration transfer
  • In-field calibration updates
  • 0-60 times
  • ¼ mile times
  • Monitor 6 OBD channels
  • Adjustable shift light
  • Full data logging
  • DTC reading / clearing
  • Soft touch rear case
  • LCD screen
  • Lanyard pin
  • Removable faceplates
  • Ambient light sensor

Each mTune is supplied complete with:

  • Holster with t-slot mounting
  • OBD and USB connection cables
  • Carbon fibre effect faceplate
  • mTune zip-up case

Please note: This calibration version is not compatible with vehicles in the USA. Please vist our dedicated website at

This calibration is not compatible with vehicle fitted with the PowerShift transmission. Also, not compatible with 100PS models.

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