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Duratec 2.5 Forged, High Compression Pistons [89 / 89.25mm]

Choose your size: 89mm

mountune’s extensive knowledge of the Ford Duratec engine coupled with broad motorsport experience provides the foundation for the ultimate Ford Duratec forged piston to suit an 89mm bore or 89.25mm if bores are oversize. This motorsport proven piston can be used in naturally aspirated or forced induction applications.

The combined 2.5L piston (E077-01-103) and connecting rod (E077-01-106) using the mountune MLS cylinder head gasket (E077-03-103) and an un-machined cylinder head will give a compression ratio of approx. 12.5:1. Please note the standard chamber size varies so the compression ratio should be checked as part of the build process.

Tool steel 21mm gudgeon pins are used.

For use with mountune Racing 21mm pin diameter forged connecting rods for maximum reliability.


  • High strength aluminium forgings
  • Lightweight design
  • Fully CNC machined and balanced to +/- 1 gram
  • Pick lock grooves for easy pin removal

Application: Ford Duratec 2.5L

Bore sizes available:
89.0mm, 89.25mm


  • 4 Pistons
  • 4 Gudgeon pins and 8 clips
  • 4 Piston ring sets (1 set required per piston)

Pistons are supplied with the rings unfitted - the rings must be gapped when fitting.