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mTune SMARTflash m285 Turbocharger Upgrade [Mk8/MK8.5 Fiesta ST | Puma ST]

Calibration: SMARTflash m285 (including Turbo and Calibration only)

The mountune m285 power upgrade for the Mk8/MK8.5 Fiesta ST - Puma ST takes performance and fun to a new, elevated level, releasing up to 285PS and 385Nm from the ST's 1.5-litre 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine - and all whilst still retaining the factory GPF and catalyst.

The m285 is based around a new hybrid turbocharger which starts life as a new genuine Ford turbo, before having numerous upgrades carried out to it, such as; a bespoke compressor and turbine wheel, uprated bearings and a ported compressor housing shroud (to help prevent surge).

The end result is response and low-end performance that feels like the OE turbo, combined with mid-range and top-end power and torque that feels anything but like the standard turbo.

The additional torque output is delivered across a wide spread in the rev-range which translates into effortless drivability and totally transforms the overall driving experience and fun-factor.

As this is a hybrid unit based on the OE Ford turbo, installation is direct swap like-for-like and on a similar basis installation of the supporting m285 calibration is applied using our SMARTflash app, OBD Bluetooth adaptor and your smartphone, so it couldn't be simpler - no dealer visits, no laptop, no wires, no handsets, no hassle!

The latest version of SMARTflash also provides additional functionality, such as fully configurable gauge displays using the OBD data-stream, comprehensive data-logging and a built-in performance meter, too.

m285 SMARTflash is also supplied with two specific performance calibrations, a hybrid economy calibration - which has a reduced power output but allows you to safely use 95RON, plus two companion calibrations (standard and anti-theft) which include the following features:

  • m285 performance calibration
Increased power and torque (up to 285PS / 385Nm)
More aggressive launch control strategy
Enhanced audible exhaust output in Sport / Track modes
Optimised no-lift shift functionality
  • m285 performance ASMO calibration 
Increased power and torque (up to 285PS / 385Nm)
More aggressive launch control strategy
Anti Social Mountune Overrun Enhanced audible exhaust output in Sport / Track modes (for those who really like their pops and bangs)
  • Hybrid Economy calibration (95RON compatible)
  • Standard power calibration
  • Anti-theft

For assistance setting up and installing SMARTflash, please refer to the user guide, here.

 In order to achieve and maintain performance and reliability, the m285 upgrade should be used in conjunction with the hardware listed below and should only be used with 97RON+ fuel. If a lower octane rating of fuel is the only grade available we recommend switching to the supplied Hybrid Economy calibration which can be used on normal unleaded fuel reliably in all scenarios.

Recommended m285 hardware:

Two versions of the m285 upgrade are available; one for owners upgrading from m235 or m260 that already have the recommended hardware installed and that have a SMARTflash OBD Bluetooth adaptor already for their vehicle and who just require the turbo and calibration. The other is for customers that have not yet upgraded to SMARTflash and require the OBD adaptor, calibration and turbo.

The phone device is shown for illustration of SMARTflash app only, and is not included with this product.


Substantial gains in power and torque from 2500rpm even against our m260 make the m285 even more drivable, even faster and even more fun to enjoy - at any rpm.

Please note: 97RON+ fuel should be used with m285. If this is not available, the Hybrid Economy calibration should be utilised to maintain reliability.

Individual vehicle output may vary based on vehicle condition, external parameters and method of testing.

Recommended hardware

To help achieve the power and torque figures indicated and to ensure maximum reliability, the m285 upgrade should only be used when our charge pipe upgrade (which removes a very restrictive bottleneck in the charge system), an uprated intercooler and carbon induction kit have been installed.

In addition, forged pistons and rods are highly recommended to ensure maximum engine longevity.

Although not essential, where possible, we would additionally recommend the use of our high-flow elbow, silicone induction hose, ACAI and GPF-back exhaust to ensure maximum unrestricted airflow and minimal pressure-drop across the entire intake and exhaust system.

The path to hybrid performance

Already running our m225, m235 or even our m260 calibration, or perhaps your car's standard and you're not sure which option is right for you?

Follow our look-up chart to see what your next calibration step is and which hardware you need to consider with it.

Please note: installing the m285 calibration without the correct hardware may result in failure to achieve the quoted power / torque figures, abnormal running, detrimental fuel consumption or engine warning light illumination or, in extreme circumstances, damage to and / or failure of the engine. In any such instance no warranty is offered or implied by mountune.

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