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SMARTflash Stage 1 Power Upgrade [Octavia VRS (5E)]

Transmission: Manual
TCU calibration: Not Included

The mountune Stage 1 upgrade delivers phenomenal performance for the Skoda Octavia VRS (5E) with either manual or DSG transmissions.

Based on over a decade of tuning vehicles to pass OEM sign-off, the mountune Stage 1 offers the highest quality calibration, providing improved drivability, response and of course, a substantial increase in both power and torque, all vigorously durability tested to provide peace of mind that reliability is maintained.

VW have created a fantastic platform, but it's only truly brought to life once the mountune Stage 1 calibration is installed. This is (easily) administered yourself via our SMARTflash app and OBD Bluetooth adaptor, which not only offers multiple torque outputs (including a low torque version) that are adjustable from either the SMARTflash app or from your steering wheel.

It also boasts enhanced vehicle functionality, can be used to monitor gauges via the OBD port, and also includes a performance meter as well.

A return to stock option is included, together with an anti-theft option.

The mountune Stage 1 is available in two versions to fully exploit both manual and DSG transmissions. The DSG version also includes a fully optimised transmission calibration option (you can choose this option above). This is programmed into the TCU (transmission control unit) by the SMARTflash app, which then allows it to maintain higher torque levels through the revised clutch pressure optimisation. Shifts are faster, giving harder and quicker acceleration through the gears, whatever level of performance your car has and the launch control benefits from a revised, more aggressive strategy.

For manual owners that don't want to fit an uprated clutch kit, the mountune Stage 1 VRS calibration includes multiple selectable torque modes within the performance calibration as standard, so you can still safely run increased levels of performance without the fear of near instant clutch-slip.

Whilst not essential, it is recommended to achieve and maintain the quoted power figures under hard use, an aftermarket induction system should be used, like the mountune X3, which the Stage 1 calibration has been fully optimised for.


• Power increased to 310PS
• Torque increased to 475Nm
• Supplied as standard with Stage 1 calibration (featuring multiple torque mode outputs, return to stock, anti-theft and valet options
• DSG version includes optional mountune TCU calibration fully optimised for DSG-equipped vehicles
• Enhanced launch control

Additional functionality:
• ECU and TCU data-logging
• Performance meter
• OBD gauge display
• Fault code reader
• Easy DIY installation

In the box:

• SMARTflash OBD bluetooth adaptor
• Zip-up mountune case
• mountune badge

Please Note: Whilst every effort is made to provide calibration support for all known available base variants, due to the number in existence, there may occasionally be a delay in enabling support for your vehicle. Should this be the case, options to provide this support will be made available, or you will be offered a full refund until specific calibration for your vehicle can be provided.

Stage 1

The mountune Stage 1 calibration dramatically improves power and torque output across the entire rev-range; peak power is increased to 310PS, with torque raised to 475Nm. It also features a sharpened pedal map and via the mTune SMARTflash app, includes a host of additional features and functionality, too.

For maximum performance the mountuneStage 1 should be used together with a high-flow intake.

Optimised to work with the mountuneX3, the pressure drop achieved removing the OE induction setup yields further improvements in peak performance, throttle response and also enhances induction noise.

Power figures achieved using 99RON fuel (Stage 1 is safe to use with 95RON). Power output may vary based on individual vehicle condition, fuel quality and method of testing.

Ready for transmission

The mountune DSG TCU calibration works in harmony with the Stage 1 engine calibration to fully exploit the maximum available vehicle performance and engine torque output.

Our SMARTflash OBD Bluetooth interface and SMARTflash app allows you to easily reprogram the gearbox's calibration inside the TCU (Transmission Control Unit). This allows the transmission to maintain higher torque levels through the revised clutch pressure optimisation.
Shifts are faster, giving harder and quicker acceleration through the gears, whatever level of performance your car has.

The driving mode strategy itself is also optimised to suit higher power levels, giving a more coherent gear selection profile. Switch the controls over to manual and you'll have real gear control, quite literally at your fingertips - no automatic upshifts, no kick down until you decide you want it.

In addition, launch control will get you off the line quicker through allowing more boost at launch and increased launch RPM.