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SMARTFLASH Stage 2 Power Upgrade - Golf GTI Mk7 / 7.5

Calibration: Stage 2 SMARTFLASH

This product is supplied as a SMARTFLASH unit only, which allows the Stage 2+ calibration to be delivered to the vehicle. The vehicle should already be fitted with the recommended hardware (listed below) prior to installation of the calibration.

The mountune Stage 2 Power Upgrade delivers breathtaking performance for the Mk7 and Mk7.5 Golf GTI (including GTI Performance Pack models) with either manual or DSG transmission.

Based on over a decade of tuning vehicles to pass OEM sign-off, the mountune Stage 2 offers the highest quality calibration, providing improved drivability, response and, of course, a substantial increase in both power and torque, even over our Stage 1 upgrade, all vigorously durability tested to provide peace of mind that reliability is maintained.

With an IS38 turbocharger installed, together with the rest of the required hardware, the software is (easily) administered yourself via our SMARTFLASH OBD Reader, which not only offers multiple calibrations, it also boasts enhanced vehicle functionality, can be used to monitor gauges via the OBD port, and also includes a performance meter as well. If you already have an SMARTFLASH OBD Reader then we will send you the calibration to load onto your existing handset.

A return-to-stock option is also included, together with an anti-theft option too.

Power is increased to 385PS, whilst torque is raised to 510Nm (on 99RON fuel), enough to totally transform your Golf's DNA, turning it into the rawest recipe for hot-hatch DNA you'll find pretty much anywhere. The Golf GTI is fantastic fun in standard form, it's brought alive with our Stage 1 upgrade and then taken to a whole new level with our Stage 2+ upgrade.

Required hardware: 
  • IS38 turbocharger
  • X3 high-flow induction system (or compatible aftermarket equivalent)
  • Muffler delete
Additional Recommended hardware:
  • Turbo-back exhaust
  • Uprated intercooler


  • Power increased to 385PS
  • Torque increased to 510Nm
  • Supplied as standard with Stage 2+ calibration, return-to-stock and anti-theft options
  • Enhanced launch control (DSG)
  • Map Switching, 3 torque outputs (high, mid and low) and valet mode (3000 RPM Limit)

     Additional functionality:

     • ECU and TCU data-logging
     • Performance meter
     • OBD gauge display
     • Fault code reader
     • Easy DIY installation

In the box:

  • SMARTflash OBD bluetooth adaptor
  • Zip-up mountunecase
  • mountune badge


If you're upgrading from our Stage 1 and already have a SMARTFLASH Reader, please select the "in-field update" option below and you'll be emailed the revised calibration to load onto your existing handset.

If you already have the TCU calibration, you will retain this when upgrading to the Stage 2 engine calibration. Please contact us if you need to discuss this further.