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Track Spec Brake Pad Upgrade (Front) [Mk2 Focus RS]

The mountune Track-Spec Front Brake Pad Upgrade range has been developed for mk2 Focus RS owners looking for the ultimate in braking performance for use on track, whilst retaining their OE braking setup.

The specific track pad compound used provides good initial bite from cold, is still kind to discs, but offers a huge friction level whilst resisting brake fade in excess of 750ºC.

This is the perfect brake pad for track days, hill climbs and racing applications where performance and resistance to brake fade is paramount.


  • Huge friction level
  • Resistance to brake fade in excess of 750ºC
  • Suitable for track day use
  • Direct swap for OE pad
  • Perfectly matched to mountune front grooved discs

Please note: Due to the aggressive nature of this pad compound, they do not carry the same R90 approval as our road designated pads. Therefore they are recommended for track use only.